• Travel: Train. Ipswich 0843 Manningtree 0853 Colchester 0903.
  • 10.00: We met at Lincoln’s Inn Chapel and were welcomed by William Whitehead who spoke about the Orgelbuchlein project. He explained how Bach had completed 46 chorale preludes of a total of 164 that he had planned and had entered the titles in a manuscript book. He showed us a facsimile copy of this and we were able to see in Bach's own hand those chorale preludes that he completed with the corrections that he made; clearly a working copy. Why did Bach not continue? William suggested a number of reasons but the empty staves on the blank pages have been an invitation and the impetus for this new project to do so. This was to be a European project and will eventually be published in six volumes, the first volume imminently and so is intended to cover those chorales which Bach never achieved. Composers were approached for new works within their own style but within the structure of the originals where the chorale is heard played through once. William demonstrated a number of these newly composed pieces on the organ (Tickell 3 manual) and what a variety we heard. This will be a major contribution to new repertoire for the organ.
  • 14.00 meet at All Saints Church, Margaret Street. Tim Byram-Wigfield welcomed us and spoke about the history of the church and demonstrated the organ (Harrison 4 manual 1907/1957/2002). He played a Prelude by Bach in A minor, Mein junges Leben hat ein End SwWV324 from 6 Variations by Jan Sweelinck After and Tu es Petra by Mulet.
  • An urn for tea and coffee was available in the crypt and at 16.00 when the organ scholar arrived to practise we left our host Tim Byram-Wigfield who had most generously helped us with organ registration and fascinating conversation.
  • The members who attended this excellent opportunity to listen to and hear the playing of two very fine musicians were: Peter Crompton, Martin Ellis, Andrew Garfath-Cox, Stephen Hogger, Tony Percival, Mike Pluck, Philip Speirs and Robert Waller.

    The music played by our members:

      Lincoln's Inn Chapel

    • Robert Waller Choral in E minor Langlais
    • Philip Speirs Air Samuel Wesley / Andante in F Lefebure-Wely
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox Fanfare and Processional Douglas Wagner
    • Stephen Hogger 'Were you There' Christopher Tambling
    • Peter Crompton Final Vierne / Litanies Alain

      All Saints Margaret Street

    • Robert Waller Fanfare Lang
    • Stephen Hogger Andantino in F from Vesper Voluntaries Elgar
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox The Song of Sunshine Hollins / Piece Heroique Franck
    • Martin Ellis March for 'The Phoebe' Whitlock
    • Peter Crompton Adagio in E Bridge / Introduction and Toccata Choveaux
    • Robert Waller Antiphon III Langlais
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox Andantino Bedard


ORGAN COMPETITIONS DAY, a part of The Suffolk Festival of Performing Arts. 10.00 to c.17.00



Adjudicator: Gerard Brookes. Members of the Association are needed to provide hospitality for all attendees as Stewards and providers of refreshments. Contact: Roger Pulham

Saturday 16 September 2017 Celebrity Grand Organ Recital Peter King Organist Emeritus Bath Abbey

Although not an SOA event, our member, Andrew Cantrill-Fenwick, Organist of Royal Hospital School reminded us that this was not an event, to be missed. There was no doubt that we were listening to a 'virtuoso of world class' as described by BBC Radio 3's Chris de Souza. Peter King had chosen a programme of many contrasting pieces through which he was able to let the music speak, each one a new delight to hear. His unimpeachable technique, skillfully acting as his own page turner and managing seemingly effortlessly the registration often selecting stops with exquisite dexterity, allowed us to hear and enjoy a fine performance of the huge range of tonal colours of this 4 manual Hill, Norman and Beard instrument within the marvellous acoustic of the School's Chapel.

A sensitive start to the Franck working up to its splendid climax was followed by the gaiety of the Ireland. After a masterful performance of the Prelude and Fugue of Mendlessohn, we moved into quasi theatre organ territory with the magical character piece of Frederic Wood and the Valse Mignonne of Karg-Elert. Though already we had had a marvellously entertaining concert we climbed to greater heights with the powerful Sonata on the 94th Psalm by Reubke. This concluding work allowed us to attain the pinnacle of great organ music through Peter's fabulous execution.

In the audience our members felt privileged to be present. They were William Glasse, Andrew Cantrill-Fenwick, Robert Waller, Andrew Garfath-Cox, Peter Crompton and Gillian Wilding. The flyer had said that the concert promises 'a spellbinding combination of repertoire, player, instrument and acoustic'. We had all these ingredients in spades and it was truly a memorable occasion!

  • Piece Heroique Cesar Franck
  • Capriccio John Ireland
  • Prelude and Fuge in E minor Mendlessohn
  • Sunrise on Stonehenge (Scenes on the Downs Op29, i) Frederic Wood
  • Valse Mignonne Op 142 ii Karg-Elert
  • Sonata, the 94th Psalm Reubke

Saturday 2 September 2017: AN AFTERNOON IN WEST SUFFOLK


  • Travel: by Car to Haverhill.13.30: Meet at the Old Independent Chapel (URC) (J J Binns 3 manual).You will have the opportunity to play the instrument (J J Binns 3 manual).
  • c.15.00 we shall leave Haverhill for St Peter and St Paul Parish Church Clare.
  • c.16.00, St Peter and St Paul Parish Church, Clare. Ben Banks, currently Peter Crompton Organ Scholar at Royal Hospital School and Organ Scholar elect Portsmouth Cathedral, was unable to give the organ recital in memory of Robert Lucas who died in May 2017 having served as Organist and Choirmaster of the Church for 35 years. Martin Ellis gave the recital. After which members were welcome to try the organ (Bishop 2 manual).
  • Tea and Cake will be available. Donation £ 10. Please let our Secretary know you are coming by 29 August Finish: c.17.30

Old Independent Chapel URC, Haverhill and St. Peter and St Paul, Clare

Andrew Garfath-Cox writes:

On a beautiful sunny second day of Autumn, members met in Haverhill at this magnificent church with its splendid 3 manual 1901 James Jephson Binns organ, whose sound is well-known to the Hauptwerk community as a sample set by Lavender Audio. The beautiful church and its organ was financed by the Gurteen family, wealthy clothing manufacturers based in the town who chose the Leeds firm of Binns to build the instrument that has survived with relatively few changes and is presently under the care of Peter De Vile, organ builder and tuner of Saffron Walden. The Binns patent mechanical piston setter mechanism is an unusual feature of the organ and, also, perhaps controversially, the addition in 1992 of the Trumpet en Chamade. This stop, powerful enough to rip the hair of the organist's skull, was joined by the addition of Choir 2 rank mixture, pitched sensibly at 12th and 15th in the treble to blend well with the existing flue work and on the Swell, a Gross Tierce (3 1/15th) rank from middle C. The Great Posaune was altered to give a more trumpet like sound perhaps more in keeping with the overall sound of the Great. At some time before this entirely sympathetic rebuild of the organ by Hill, Norman and Beard, the Great Harmonic Flute 4' was replaced by a Nazard 2 2/3'.

As we were to hear from our performers' very varied choices of music, the organ was able to be effective with quieter registers as well as with its clear and bright diapason chorus. The reeds pack sufficient punch for performance of both French and German baroque and French Romantic repertoire. But it comes into its own with English Romantic repertoire where large variations of tonal colours are available.

Members who came to Haverhill were: Paul Austen, Michaela Cottee, Tony Dunn, Tim Easter, Andrew Garfath-Cox, William Glasse, Dave Kynnersley, Barry Palmer, Tony Percival, Mike Pluck, Roger Pulham, Robert Waller and joining later at Clare were, Juliette Adams, Martin Ellis, Miriam Ellis and Stephen Hogger. The following peices were performed:

  • Tony Percival demonstrated the range of tonal colours in a short improvisation
  • Tim Easter Je te veux Erik Satie 1866-925
  • Robert Waller Paean John Marsh
  • Tony Dunn Basse de Trompetter Louis Marchand 1669-1732 / Nun freut euch, lieben Christen g'mein BWV 734 J S Bach 1685-1750
  • Paul Austen Le Jardin Suspendu Jehan Alain 1911-1940
  • Barry Palmer Schottische Anon / Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee Ludwig van Beethoven 1770-1827
  • Michaela Cottee Christe qui Lux William Blytheman 1525-1591
  • Andrew Garfath-Cox Fanfare Percy Whitlock 1903-1946
  • Roger Pulham Plein Jeu / Fugue on the Trompette / Offerory on the Grands Jeux Louis Couperin 1626-1661 /
  • Andrew Garfath-Cox Jig Fugue BWV 577 J S Bach 1685-1750

At 4pm, we reconvened at Clare Parish Church, with its magnificent slender pillared nave brightly lit by the afternoon sunshine punctuated every quarter by the chimes of the tower clock. The two manual Bishop and Sons organ stands in the south transept. Unfortunately our younger member, Ben Banks, was unable to play for the recital and Martin Ellis played in his stead.

Martin reminded us of the many organists who give long service and had recently spoken to Colin Edgar who started playing in Stonham fifty years ago and who is now 81 years old. Also two of our members Tony Percival at Christchurch Tacket Street Ipswich and John Wearne, Museum Street Methodist Church celebrate their silver anniversaries this year and there are many more who also have given long service to their respective churches. A celebrated example of dedicated service to organ music and performance is Francis Jackson who will be 100 years old on the 2nd October! This recital was dedicated to the memory of Robert Lucas, Organist and Choirmaster of Clare Parish Church for 35 years.

Martin's recital concluded with a request of the audience to stand for his final piece Elegy 1944 by George Thalben-Ball, a former organ tutor of Martin and the final chord was accompanied by the striking of the clock for 5pm. Roger Pulham, our Treasurer, thanked Martin for his performance and arrangements for the day. Tea and refreshments were partaken as some members played the organ and the SOA enthusiasts for the organ departed after a most convivial afternoon event. Michaela Cottee asked what she might play, remarked, before beginning her piece, that 'It is difficult to say this, but I am playing Scheidt ... Samuel Schiedt.' Her rendering of 'Das Jesus an dem Kreuz stund' was however exemplary.

  • Tim Easter Prelude and Fugue in B minor BWV 544 J S Bach 1685-1750
  • Andrew Garfath-Cox Antiphon II Marcel Dupré 1886-1971
  • Michaela Cottee Das Jesus an dem Kreuz stund Samuel Scheidt 1587-1654
  • Andrew Garfath-Cox Scherzo from Suite Modale Flor Peeters 1903-1986 / Intrada Grayston Ives b. 1948


14.30 Out SOA member Andrew Cantrill-Fenwick, Organist of the Royal Hospital School, Holbrook will give a lecture on the development of French Organ Music, first given at the East of England Organ Day 2015. After Tea and Cake, Andrew will give an Organ Recital of French Organ Music on the iconic HN&B 4 manual in the Chapel. Finish: c.17.00 Cost: £ 12

Paul Austen writes the following account of the informative lecture and splendid recital:

Our members, Juliette Adams, Paul Austen, Tony Dunn, Martin and Miriam Ellis, Andrew Garfath-Cox, Roger Green, Stehen Hogger, Ann Little, Roger Pulham, Robert Waller and Gillian Wildney gathered, at the Royal Hospital School, Holbrook, with a talented ten year old Alexander Taylor and his parents on a very warm and sunny afternoon to hear a lecture and recital by Council member Andrew Cantrill-Fenwick.

Andrew’s theme was “French Masters of the Organ”. The lecture, replete with fascinating images of people, places and organs, took us through the great sweep of 19th and 20th century French organ music, beginning with the arrival in Paris of Aristide Cavaillé-Coll in 1833. Particular mention was made of Saint-Saëns, Franck, Widor, Vierne, Dupré and Messiaen.

It was interesting to note the ongoing influence of the Conservatoire de Paris, where many of the great organists and composers studied and later taught. Another fascinating strand was the growing awareness during the later 19th century of the organ music of J S Bach. Tea and cake were kindly provided by Stephen Hogger and gave us an opportunity to socialise – so much so, that we had to be summoned into the chapel for the recital by Andrew himself!

Barely had we settled into our seats in the choir stalls when the opening salvo of Widor’s Marche Pontificale signalled that we were underway. Amid the waves of sound rolling through the chapel from the 4-manual Hill, Norman & Beard organ, it was gratifying to yet be able to hear Widor’s counterpoint quite clearly. Our youngest audience member had found his way up into the organ gallery, no doubt gaining an excellent view of the action at the console!

Andrew’s programme was as follows:

  • Charles-Marie Widor (1844-1937), Marche Pontificale (Symphonie 1)
  • Clement Loret (1833-1909), Chacone (Douze Pièces)
  • Jehan Alain (1911-1940), Deuxième Fantaisie
  • César Franck (1822-1890), Piece Héroïque
  • Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992), Prière avant la communion (Livre du Saint Sacrement)
  • Louis Vierne (1870-1937), Scherzetto (24 Pièces en style libre)
  • Alexandre Guilmant (1837-1911), Finale (Sonata no 1)

It was good to hear Alain’s Deuxième Fantaisie live, having previously enjoyed his performance on the Royal Hospital School Organ’s YouTube channel (well worth a viewing!). As with the Messiaen and Vierne pieces, this was an ideal opportunity to savour some of the instrument’s more refined timbres. We were very grateful to Andrew (ably assisted throughout by Robin Cantrill-Fenwick) for this excellent and memorable afternoon.

Saturday 17 June 2017: ALL ALONG THE A12

  • Travel: Coach organised from Ipswich Rail Station at 08.45 (parking £3 for the day – bargain)/pick up at Marks Tey c.09.15. Cost of Coach will be £ 20 Please book by Saturday 3 June.
  • 09.45 St Nicholas Parish Church Witham (Tickell 2 manual)
  • 11.30 St Mary’s Parish Church Shenfield (Principal Organs 3 manual)
  • Lunch: own arrangements in Brentwood.
  • 15.00 St Thomas’s Parish Church (N&B 1897 rebuilt Bunting 1970 recently Nicholson 3 manual)
  • Return via: Marks Tey to Ipswich Rail Station at c.18.00
  • Paul Austen and Robert Waller have kindly submitted this report of the day's activities.

    St Nicholas, Witham

    On a beautiful sunny day, we boarded a 7 seater minibus, starting at Ipswich Station and picking up at Marks Tey. Arriving at St Nicolas, Witham, we were introduced to the church and organ by David Martin, Director of Music. David talked about the instrument he had originally played, a Speechly organ sporting an abundance of apparently undistinguished 8’ stops. After the failure of the tubular pneumatic action, a new instrument was commissioned from Kenneth Tickell, this being completed in 2002. Since then, the church’s musical life has flourished.

    • Ann Little – Unter der Linden grune (Sweelinck)
    • Robert Waller – Chorale Prelude on a Melody by Orlando Gibbons (Healey Willan)
    • Wolfgang Fauser – Allegro from Sonata in F major, Wq 70/3 (C P E Bach)
    • Steven McDonough – Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ, BWV 639 (J S Bach)
    • Paul Austen – Mein junges Leben hat ein Endt (Sweelinck)
    • Martin Ellis – No. 5 from Six Short Preludes and Postludes, First Set (C V Stanford)
    • Robert Waller – Allegro Festivo, from Thirty-Six Miniatures for Organ (Noel Rawsthorne)
    • Bob Smith – Improvisation

    To conclude, David Martin played Le Fils, from Trois méditations sur la Sainte Trinité by Jean Langlais. For anyone wishing to hear more of this superbly-designed instrument, Andrew Cantrill-Fenwick fully demonstrates it in his video, “An Introduction to the Pipe Organ”, available on the iRCO website.

    St Mary the Virgin, Shenfield

    We arrived at Shenfield and were greeted by the Director of Music, Suzanna Brooks. We were served with very welcome coffee and cake. This church also boasts a new instrument, similarly dating from 2003, by Principal Organs of York.

    • Robert Waller - Aria (Noel Rawsthorne)
    • Wolfgang Fauser – Voluntary for Organ (J C Pepusch)
    • Steven McDonough - Christ lag in Todesbanden (J S Bach) - Andante tranquillo, from Sonata No. 3 (Mendelssohn)
    • Ann Little – Salix, from Plymouth Suite (Percy Whitlock)
    • Martin Ellis – Fugue in E flat, from BWV 552 (J S Bach)
    • Paul Austen – O wie Selig seid ihr doch, ihr Frommen; O Gott, du frommer Gott, from Eleven Chorale Preludes (Brahms)
    • Robert Waller – Elegy (Noel Rawsthorne)
    • Wolfgang Fauser – Mit Fried' und Freud' fahr' ich dahin, BWV616 (J S Bach)
    • Martin Ellis – Folk Tune, from Five Short Pieces (Percy Whitlock)

    St Thomas, Brentwood

    We retired for luncheon then met up again at St Thomas, Brentwood. David Rooke, Director of Music Emeritus, gave us an informative short talk about the history of the building and the organ. Two organ scholars, Daniel and Alex, then demonstrated the instrument, playing Elegy by George Thalben-Ball and a transcription of a piano prelude by J S Bach. We were then ourselves encouraged to play.

    • Robert Waller - Celtic Lament, from Thirty-Six Miniatures for Organ (Noel Rawsthorne)
    • Wolfgang Fauser – O Mensch, bewein dein Sünde gross, BWV 622 (J S Bach)
    • Ann Little – Voluntary (Maurice Greene)
    • Martin Ellis - Meditation on the Irish Tune Slane, from Three Pieces for Organ (Eric Thiman) - Kyrie, Gott Vater in Ewigkeit, BWV 669 (J S Bach)
    • Robert Waller - Flourish for an Occasion, from Thirty-Six Miniatures for Organ (Noel Rawsthorne)
    • Steven McDonough - Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungen, from Eleven Chorale Preludes (Brahms) - Jesus Christus unser Heiland (J S Bach) - Finale from Sonata No. 4 (Mendelssohn)
    • Wolfgang Fauser – Allegro di molto from Sonata in D, Wq 70/5 (C P E Bach)

    The organ at Brentwood was originally built by Norman and Beard in 1897, a sister instrument to the organ in, what is now, Chelmsford Cathedral. Six additional stops were added in 1908. No further alterations were made until 1970, when the instrument was rebuilt and modernised by Brian Bunting. A major overhaul of the organ was undertaken by Nicholson’s of Worcester, and the instrument was re-dedicated in September 2011. Sam Adams, Director of Music, laid on a cup of tea. Needless to say, we returned home a very happy party!

Sunday 11 June 2017

Although not an SOA event, our new member of Council, Andrew Cantrill-Fenwick, School Organist of the Chapel of the Royal Hospital School, Holbrook gave a fine performance at which a number of members of the SOA were present. His programme was:

  • Carillon (Herbert Murrill 1090-1952)
  • Evensong (Easthope Martin 1882-1925)
  • Marche Heroique (Herbert Brewer 1865-1928)
  • Grand Dialogue (Louis Marchand 1669-1732)
  • La Favorite (Francois Couperin 1668-1733)
  • Grand Jeu avec Tonneure (Michel Corrette 1707-1795)
  • Carillon de Westminster (Louis Vierne 1870-1937)
  • The thunder effect in Corrette's piece was very realistic and to one 24 year old member of the audience this recital was his first opportunity ever to hear an organ and was very impressed by the enormous range of sound and volume that this fine instrument was able to give in the hands of Andrew Cantrill.

Thursday 1 June 2017

It was with much sadness that we recorded the death of our Council Member, Michael Simmonds. Members of SOA attended the service in a packed church at St. Mary's, Ardleigh. The service had been prepared by Michael and the organist was SOA member and former President, Peter Crompton.

Saturday 20 May 2017 AGM at Bentley Village Hall with an organ crawl and afternoon tea in The Case public house.

The AGM was held at 6pm with the President, Ann Little in the chair. She reviewed the events that have taken place during the year. The new Council was voted in with Andrew Cantrill-Fenwick and Paul Austen as new members. The death of Michael Simmonds, a member of Council was recorded. The remainder of the Council was voted in enbloc. Roger Green becomes President-Elect because of his current indisposition and we welcomed Martin Ellis, our new President who then laid out his calendar of events for the year.

Earlier in the afternoon, three churches were opened for members to play the organ: St. Mary's, Bentley; St. Mary, Belstead and St Peters, Copdock where Michael Osborne was pleased to receive visitors.

Thursday 20th April 2017 Visit to London. Freemasons Hall, Church of St. Dunstan, Fleet Street and the Temple Church

It is hoped that members can travel to London by car or train and then use the tube to the three venues to enjoy A FABULOUS DAY IN LONDON!


  • 10.30-12.15pm Meet at Holborn Underground Station to walk to Freemason's Hall
  • 2.15pm Church of St. Dunstan's in Fleet Street
  • 3.45pm-5.15pm Temple Church

This is not a day to miss; we meet at Holborn Underground Station at 10.30am and walk to the Freemason’s Hall where we shall be able to hear and play the 50 stop Willis III/Harrison 3 manual organ (for the specification log into Grand Temple Freemason’s Hall organ). We shall have from 11.00am until 12.15pm there before going to lunch (own arrangements). There are plenty of food outlets in the area of Kingsway/Aldwych.

At 2.15pm we shall meet at the Church of St Dunstan in Fleet Street. In 2010, David Wells rebuilt the 3 manual organ which had last been rebuilt by Willis III in 1947. The opening recital was given by Thomas Trotter. We shall be able to play the organ and to have a cup of tea and biscuits (by kind provision of the Administrator) before crossing Fleet Street to the Temple Church, where George Thalben Ball was organist for almost 60 years, arriving there at around 3.45pm. We shall have an opportunity to look round this iconic medieval Church, restored after WWII in the 1950s, before 4.00pm when Martin Ellis, (an Old Templar and President designate of the Association) will introduce the fantastic 4 manual Harrison organ which received a rebuild in 2012/13.

Unfortunately neither the Director of Music, Roger Sayer, who was the soloist on the Temple organ for the music score for Hans Zimmer's soundtrack for 'Interstellar' nor Greg Morris is available that day. We have until 5.15pm to play the organ and we will be looked after by Liz Clarke, the music PA. There is a book about the organ on sale at the Church.

I am sure you will find this is a splendid opportunity to play some fine London organs so do come along!


Some people may want to travel by car to Newbury Park where there is plenty of parking space and from where you can travel to Holborn on the Central Line. Please purchase a Travelcard as it will prove cheaper than single tickets. By the way, you will find yourself having to drive to the Gants Hill roundabout returning east along the Eastern Avenue to gain access into Newbury Park Station.

If you are intending to travel by Greater Anglia from Ipswich, Manningtree or Colchester, the following is recommended:

    To London

  • Ipswich 0909
  • Manningtree 0919
  • Colchester 0929
  • Liverpool Street arr.1019
  • Central Line to Holborn Make sure you have a pre-booked Travelcard
  • From London

  • Walk from Temple Church to Blackfriars Circle Line to Liverpool Street
  • Liverpool Street dep. 1810
  • Colchester 1900
  • Manningtree 1911
  • Ipswich 1923

The cost from Ipswich using red spotted is £ 32.85 + £ 8.10 for a travel card. You will have to buy two single tickets unless you wait until the 1908 from Liverpool Street when a return ticket will cost c. £ 26 + £ 8.10.

18th March 2017 Past Presidents' Composite Recital at St Clement's Congregational Church, Ipswich. 2.30pm

A very select audience was entertained by six Past Presidents of the Association and refreshments were kindly provided by ladies of the congregation. We were very warmly welcomed by The Revd. Gillian Lester-Brown and the Elders to St. Clement's, an independent church in the great comgregational tradition.

Stephen Hogger introduced Simon Pulham of Bishops and he spoke about this hidden gem, a Bishop & Son organ, possibly the finest two manual in Ipswich. This was built at Westbourne Mills, later Cromer Road in Ipswich which after the required demolition of the old premises in London, had become the principal works for the firm in 1897. Around 1880, Edward Hadlow Suggate, a young man who was employed as a tuner recognised the parlous state of the business and raised the capital to buy out the Bishop family. He and then his daughter, Hilda Mary Suggate, were to run the business for the next hunded years.

The organ has remained almost completely original save the electric blowing. This organ from the Suggate period is a two manual pneumatic organ of 18 speaking stops and with excellent tonal qualities in a spacious building with a fine acoustic. Our Past Presidents Ann Little, Stephen Hogger, Juliette Adams, James Crowe, Andrew Garfath-Cox, and John Cooper gave voice to the instrument introducing and playing a variety of pieces. The music played during the afternoon was:
  • Ann Little: John Bull (1562/63 - 12 March 1628) - Voluntary Whitlock (1 June 1903 – 1 May 1946), - On an old French Air Grayston Ives (1948) Intrada
  • Stephen Hogger: Berceuse Louis Vierne (8 October 1870 – 2 June 1937)
  • Juliette Adams: Hermann Schroeder (26 March 1904 – 7 October 1984) Four pieces
  • James Crowe: Sir Charles Villiers Stanford (30 September 1852 – 29 March 1924) On a theme of Orlando Gibbons Noel Rawsthorne (born 24 December 1929) Londonderry Air James Healey Willan (12 October 1880 – 16 February 1968) On a theme of Orlando Gibbons Song 13
  • Andrew Garfath-Cox: J S Bach (31 March 1685 - 28 July 1750) Chorale Prelude 'Ich ruf zu dir Herr Jesu Christ' BWV 639
  • John Cooper: J S Bach Prelude and Fugue b minor BWV 544

For those who would like to hear more of this organ, a CD, An Edwardian Album, was produced by Stephen Hogger with John Cooper FRCO as the soloist, ably assisted by June Molloy. It has a broad variety of music including Hollins 'A Song of Sunshine'. Michael Simmonds was the Recording Engineer and Terry Hepworth, the Editor and the concept was masterminded by Simon Pulham. It has a very informative well designed accompanying booklet by Maximilian O'Donnell, Simon Pulham, and Stephen Hogger.

25th February 2017 "Who Needs Feet?"

An illustrated talk by Andrew Cantrill at Bentley Village Hall. 7.30pm

Our member, Drew Cantrill had prepared for the few who came a really perceptive and informative talk with excellent photos, video clips and music which enhanced his excellent and persuasive portrayal that there is music for 'manuals only' that are well worth investigating. To some, it would be a surprise to see that the technology of organ building and the addition of the pedal board (the use of feet would be a first for almost any other musical instrument) crept so slowly across the continent to our country.

No instrument has changed as much as the organ over its long history, but full pedalboards didn’t become commonplace across Europe until the middle of the 19th century! The use of the pedals grew out of Renaissance choral music, and the Norrlanda organ in Sweden is the earliest proof we have - dating from 1370. The North Germans took pedal technique to a new level of virtuosity, almost 300 years before the arrival of the concave & radiating pedalboard patented by Fr Willis in Britain in 1855.

Some composers of music for manuals only have been unjustifiably neglected. Music by Byrd, Bull, Cabanilles, CPE Bach, Wesley and Vierne can be just as satisfying to play as repertoire for manuals and pedals.

The raffle, tea and cakes were organised by the Bentley friends of our President, Ann Little. The other members who were present were Stephen Hogger, Martin Ellis and his wife Miriam, Paul Austen, Robert Waller, Gillian Wildney and Andrew Garfath-Cox.

Saturday 26 November 2016 Lunch at the Arlington, Museum Street,Ipswich

Guest speaker: David Wakefield. Music afterwards at the Unitarian Meeting House

Robert Waller reports: 12 members gathered at the Arlington for the this year's Annual Dinner with our guest speaker, David Wakefield.

As the number of members who came was few, we were fortunate enough to be in a separate room which made it a more intimate affair.

The food was good but did take a while to serve.

We invited our guest speaker to give his talk at the Arlington rather than the Meeting House. After an introduction by Ann Little, we were delighted to hear David describe how he first heard the organ as a 10 year year old and was delighted to be given a go on the organ. He joined the Navy, then in the submarine core. While in the Navy, he explained how he took every opportunity he could to play the organ for services on ships and submarines. He reminisced about the loading of a small organ through a hatch to get it on the sub! He retired from his career with the Navy after the conflict with Argentina and at some time worked for the RSCM. His continued interest in organ playing lead him when he retired to decide to have tuition on the organ and he has been a regular attendee for many years at the St. Giles Organ School until recently under the direction of Anne Marsden Thomas.

After his interesting talk, the group moved to the nearby Unitarian Meeting House where our president, Ann Little, treated us to a short recital with a French flavour which was well received. After this we retired to the church hall for tea.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ann for a splendid meeting which was enjoyed by all

Ann's recital pieces:

  • Lento No4 from an Album of soft voluntaries. L Boellman
  • Mére Marie de l'lncarnation No 2 of 'Suite Carmelite' J Francaix
  • Noel Grand Jeu et Duo no 10 of 12 Noels Louis Claud Daquin
  • Antienne Salve Regina No 3 of 'Mariales' Naji Hakem
  • After an Old French Air No 1 of 'Reflections' Percy Whitlock
  • Pasticcio No 10 of 'Organ Book' Jean Langlais

For those interested in the menu, this was the choice:

The set menu either two courses for £14.95 or three courses for £18.95.


  • A Home Made Soup of the Day
  • B Home Made Fishcakes
  • C Chicken Goujons with Garlic Mayonnaise
  • D Seafood Gratin
  • E Duck Liver Parfait with Toasted Brioche and Caramelised Onion Chutney
  • F Moules
  • Main Courses

  • G Fish and Chips
  • H Courgette, Wild Mushroom and Mascarpone Tagliatelle
  • I Home Made Burger in a Brioche Bun with Skin On Fries etc.
  • J Puy Lentil Moussaka
  • K Half a Roast BBQ Chicken with Skin On Fries and Grilled Corn on the Cob
  • L Moules served with Fries
  • Desserts

  • M Cherry Bakewell Cheesecake
  • N Sticky Toffee Pudding
  • O New York Cheesecake
  • P Ice Cream
  • Q Sorbet
  • Saturday 22 October 2016 Ladies Composite Recital

    An excellent recital was given by two ladies: our President, Ann Little and Juliette Adams, member of Council at St John's Church, Felixstowe. It was a great shame that there were only five in the audience! Stephen Hogger, our Secretary says he hopes that there will be some better attendances at future events as they take a lot of organising and notes that the expenses are the same for fifty as they were for five.

    24 September 2016 Mid Suffolk Afternoon Organ Crawl

    This event didn't take place. However on this date there was a visit from the Norfolk Organists Association, our friends over the border, who welcomed SOA members Martin Ellis and Andrew Garfath-Cox to their gathering in St. John's Church, Felixstowe with a welcome by Jeremy Prentice, organist of the church.

    Thursday 11 August IAA Recital The Ipswich Corn Exchange 1.00pm

    This second recital given by members of SOA, the previous one was two years ago, was this year performed by our distinguished members John Cooper and Peter Crompton. A very popular and successful recital on the Corn Exchange's Lewis organ. Peter and John played superbly to a very crowded audience. They thoroughly deserve our appreciation for keeping the importance of the Corn Exchange organ, and any improvements that can eventually be made to it, firmly in the public eye. Other than Peter and John, the SOA members spotted in the audience were Roger Pulham, Philip Speirs, Ann Little, Stephen Hogger, Juliette Adams, Bob Smith, Martin Ellis, June Molloy, Barry Palmer, Andrew Garfath-Cox and, our almost 102 year old member, Lilian Caudle with her daughter Rosie. All went extremely well. We were most grateful for the work done by Bishops to make the organ ready for this recital and I am sure all the audience were appreciative of this effort.

    John played: Piece d’Orgue BWV 572 by J.S.Bach; Village Variations by Andrew Carter; and Humoresque by Pietro Yon. Peter played: Mohrentanz by Susato; Pavane by Faure; Sortie by Bedard; A Memory by Friml and the concert concluded with Toccata from Symphony 5 by Widor.

    Saturday 6 August 7pm Christ Church, Tacket Street, Ipswich IP4 1AU

    Recital by our member Tony Percival. Admission is free and there will be refreshments at the interval.

    Tony will be playing music by Andriessen, Bach, Vierne, Boellmann, Rheinberger and Faure. Admission is free with a retiring collection and refreshments at the interval.

    Tony Percival

    Tuesday 12 July 2016 2pm St. Peter's Sudbury

    Talk by Roger Green on his newly published book on the relationships between organists and priests. A members' recital on the Grand Lewis Organ will follow open to all. Unfortunately this event is being postponed to a later date.

    Saturday 4 June 2016 10 am

    West Suffolk Visit to Newmarket and Bury St. Edmunds.

    • 10.00 am St. Mary's Newmarket Rushworth and Dreaper(3 manuals) welcomed by the organist Mark Rodman BEM
    • 11.30 am All Saints, Newmarket James J. Binns (2 manuals) welcomed by Brian Thatcher
    • 1.15 pm Lunch: Cote Restaurant Abbeygate Street
    • 3.00 pm St. Mary's Bury St. Edmunds welcomed by the Director of Music Adrian Marple

      Music played at St. Mary's, Newmarket

    • Andrew Garfath-Cox Reflection Daniel Bishop
    • Robert Waller Cuckoo Saint-Saens
    • Stuart Matheison Pavane Ravel / To a Wild Rose McDowell
    • Michael Bayley Two German Folktunes: Up tempo / Waltz
    • Barry Palmer Paean - A Song of Triumph Oliphant Chuckerbutty
    • Roger Green In the Sunshine Roger Green / Aka Tonbo Roger Green
    • Michaela Cottee Verset Leon Boellman / Christe lux William Blitheman
    • Robert Waller Fanfare C S Lang
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox Concerto Intermezzo R G Hailing
    • Music played at All Saints, Newmarket

    • Roger Green Elizabethan Dances II arr. Roger Green
    • Robert Waller Eventide Alec Rowley
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox Piece d'Orgue BWV 572 J S Bach
    • Michael Bayley All the Things You Are Jerome Kern / Wien bleibt Wien J Schrammel
    • >Michaela Cottee Herzliebster Jesu, was hast Du verbrochen Helmut Walcha
    • Barry Palmer St. Anthony Chorale Haydn arr Rawsthorne / The Lord's my Shepherd Jessie Irvine
    • Stuart Matheison Gymnopedie No.1 Erik Satie / Sonatina Thomas Attwood
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox England's Glory Nigel Ogden
    • Music played at St. Mary's, Bury St. Edmunds

    • Gilbert Jackson Herzlich thut mich verlange J S Bach / Lament Guilmant / Fugue C major BWV 553 JS Bach
    • Adrian Marple Sonata No.III Mendelssohn / Knightsbridge Eric Coates
    • Juliette Adams Jesu Christus, unser Heiland BWV 665 J S Bach
    • Geoffrey Boyle Offertoire Grand Jeu + Plein Jeu Couperin
    • Robert Waller Prelude New Commonwealth Vaughan Williams
    • Roger Green Trumpet Voluntary Jeremiah Clarke
    • Michael Bayley Fine and Dandy arr Robin Richmond / The Loxam Bounce Arnold Loxam
    • Barry Palmer Fanfare for a Bride Noel Rawsthorne
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox Prelude on Darwall's 148th Percy Whitlock / Vesper Voluntaries No 1 and 11 Elgar
    • Stuart Matheison Largo G F Handel

    Saturday 21 May 2016 2pm

    AGM 21 May 2016
    AGM 2016

    The AGM will be held in the Lecture Room of St. Edmundsbury Cathedral, Bury St Edmunds at 3pm

    The afternoon will start at 2pm with an organ recital by James Thomas, Organist and Master of the Choristers

    James played the following programme:

    • Sonata No.7 in F minor Op127 Josef Rheinberger
    • Le Cygne Camille Saint-Saens arr. Alexandre Guilmant
    • Chorale No.2 Cesar Franck

    Members enjoyed listening to James's fine playing and the rendering of Guilmant's arrangement of Le Cygne was exquisite. We are most grateful to James for opening our 82nd Annual General Meeting so impressively with all the different colours of the organ artfully included in his choice of programme.

    The main organ at St. Edmundsbury Cathedral was built by Harrison and Harrison of Durham in 2010, much of the old organ was unreliable and when it was removed from the organ chamber, much of it was disposed of. Its replacement has four manuals and 59 speaking stops encased in the Quire case and the Transept case each decorated to match its position in the cathedral. Before it was ready for its inauguration on Advent Sunday, 28 November 2010, each of the 3500+ pipes had to be 'voiced' both on their own and in combination with others. The fine result was a brand new organ for the cathedral, the newest cathedral organ in England.

    Saturday 23 April 2016 12 noon

    ANNUAL LUNCHEON The Fox Inn, The Street, Newbourne, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 4NY 01473 736307 12.15pm for 12.45pm

    The Association’s Annual Luncheon took place at this attractive hostelry in the pretty village of Newbourne, close to the River Deben some 20 minutes’ drive (7½ miles) from Ipswich. The President welcomed the twenty-one members who had come to this most enjoyable and cheerful social occasion especially thanking James Crowe for his meticulous organisation and his choice of a splendid location. The President also welcomed,in particular, Gillian Cleaver who had come with her helper Mary. Gillian has been a stalwart member of the Association for very many years. After more than 3 hours of convivial chatter, the members departed fully satisfied with their chosen fare and the hospitality shown by the staff of the Inn.

    The Fox is a wonderful 16th-century building set in pretty grounds with a secluded rose garden and a well-stocked pond. It is one of Suffolk’s best-kept secrets. It is at the centre of the Newbourne community who always provide an enthusiastic welcome. The Inn offers fine food with typical dishes on the menu, including classic Fritto Misto, Sea Bass fillets, Shepherd’s Pie, “This little Piggy” and the house’s famed Seafood Gratin. A wide range of perfectly conditioned ales such as Adnams, St. Austell Tribute and Woodfordes Wherry as well as a great selection of wines.

    Our members were able to opt for either a 2-course or a 3-course meal. Each course had multiple choices, and the cost of £20.00 or £25.00 respectively was fully inclusive of a large (250ml) glass of wine (or soft drink) and the service of tea and coffee.

    Many members met again in the evening at 7.00pm, where our member and Past President Peter Crompton played an organ recital at the Royal Hospital School, which was a thrilling conclusion to our most pleasurable day.

    Saturday 23 April 2016 7.00pm

    Peter Crompton Organist Emeritus Royal Hospital School played the Grand Organ in the school's chapel with many members of the SOA present gathered in a large and appreciative audience. Peter's appealing programme warmed the audience on this rather cold April evening. His page turner was our student member Ben Banks, Crompton Organ Scholar at RHS. Members Andrew Cantrill, Tony Dunn and Gillian Wildney, Michaela Cottee and Dave Kinnersley, who had other duties during the day, were present.

    • Sortie Bedard
    • Toccata in F major BWV 540 JS Bach
    • Pomp & Circumstance March No. 4 in G major Elgar
    • Aria Manz
    • Toccata on Vom Himmel Hoch Edmundson
    • Adagio for Strings Barber
    • Impromptu Vierne
    • Te Deum Hymne d’Actions de Graces Langlais
    • The Ride of the Valkyries Wagner

    Saturday 19 March 2016

    High Suffolk Stradbroke, Eye, Occold and Bedingfield and lunch at The Black Horse Thorndon Stradbroke

    James Crowe organised a splendid tour of four churches and the following members were present: Ann Little, Gillian Wildney, David and Janet Brand, Bob and Anne Smith, Christopher Moore, Roger Green, Peter Tyron, Peter Crompton, Barry Palmer, Martin Ellis, Robert Waller, Gilbert Jackson and his mother, Andrew Garfath-Cox, Tony Dunn, Michael Bayley and James Crowe. Unfortunately Michaela Cottee was unable to be with us.

    Stradbroke All Saints

    We were welcomed by Douglas Chittock playing the 1873 Holdich organ who started the morning with • Meditation from Thaïs Jules Massenet and • Trumpet Voluntary Jeremiah Clark

    • Pedal Key action Stop action Compass-low C Compass-high f1 Keys 30
    • 1: Bourdon Pedal Pipes 16
    • Great Key action Stop action Compass-low C Compass-high f3 Keys 54 2: Open Diapason 8 3: Stop Diap & Clarabella 8 4: Principal 4 5: Flute 4 6: Fifteenth 2 7: Mixture 1 1/2
    • Swell Key action Stop action Compass-low C Compass-high f3 Keys 54 Enclosed 8: Dulciana Diapason 8 9: Stopped Diapason 8 10: Principal 4 11: Twelfth 2 2/3 12: Fifteenth 2 13: Trumpet 8

    Members then played

    • Robert Waller • Stabat Mater Alan Viner
    • Tony Dunn • More Palatino J.P. Sweelinck
    • Gillian Wildney • Air on a G string J.S. Bach
    • Gilbert Jackson • Prelude in G minor BWV 558 J.S. Bach
    • Barry Palmer • Christ be our Light Bernadette Farrell • There is a hope Stuart Townend
    • Michael Bayley • Dance of the Honeybees Benjamin Richmond
    • Ann Little • Toccata from BWV 564 J.S. Bach
    • James Crowe • Improvisation on the hymn-tune Chorus Angelorum
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox • Wedding Day Ronald Watson

    St. Peter and St. Paul, Eye Parish Church

    Our hosts were Peter Lee and Colin Bartlett. Peter demonstrated the instrument with an improvisation that built to a climax from very soft stops. Colin gave a survey of the organs in the church over the last 500 years and the circumstances that led to the removal of the Walker organ and recent replacement by the 1888 J. J. Binns organ from St. Mark, Woodhouse, Leeds, a redundant church in Leeds which has been renovated and installed in 2015 by E. J. Johnson and Son (Cambridge) Ltd. A plaque is attached to the new detached console provided in memory of Ethel Annie Casebow (1923-2012) née Ethel Everard of Everard Shipping Co.

    Organ specification

    • Pedal Organ. Contra Bourdon 32 Open Diapason 16 Violone 16 Sub Bass 16 Flute Bass 8 Principal 8 Violoncello 8 Contra Posaune 32 Trombone 16 Posaune 16
    • Great organ. Bourdon 16 Open 1 8 Open 2 8 Dulciana 8 Harmonic Flute 8 Wald Flute 4 Ocatve 4 Twelfth 2 2/3 Fifteenth 2 Mixture 3 ranks Trupet 8 Clarion 4
    • Swell Organ. Borudon 16 Open Diapason 8 Salicional 8 Voix Celeste 8 Stopped Diapason 8 Harmonic Flute 4 Ocatve 4 Piccolo 2 Mixture 3 ranks Contra Fagotto 16 Cornopean 8 Oboe 8 Vox Humana 8
    • Choir Organ. Open Diapason 8 Viol d'Orchestre 8 Lieblich Gedact 8 Dolce 8 Suabe Flute 4 Clarionette 8 Tuba (unenclosed) 8 Cymbelstern

    Members then played

    • Robert Waller • St John Damascene Noel Rawsthorne
    • Gilbert Jackson • Lament Alexandre Guilmant
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox • Festive Trumpet Tune David German
    • Tony Dunn • Toccata and Fugue in D minor J S Bach
    • Michael Bayley • East Anglian March Richard Webb• Prelude in E flat J Stuart Archer
    • Gillian Wildney • Reflection Daniel Bishop
    • Roger Green • Allegro Festivo Noel Rawsthorne
    • Martin Ellis • Scherzo in E Gigout
    • Ann Little • The Fifers Francois Dandrieux • Aria Noel Rawsthorne
    • Peter Crompton • Tu es Petra Henri Mulet
    • Peter Tryon • Fugue from Sonata No.6 Mendelssohn

    Lunch at the Black Horse Thorndon

    St. Michael Occold

    The Churchwarden, Stephen Hubner, welcomed us and we played the single manual Bevington four stop organ and short one octave pedalboard organ of unknown date.

    Organ specification

      Manual Key action Stop action Compass-low C Compass-high f3 Keys 54
    • 1: Open Diapason 8 2: Dulciana 8 3: Stopt Diapason 8 bass 4: Principal 4

    Members played.

    • Michael Bayley • March from Die Zauberflote Mozart
    • Gilbert Jackson • Offertory in B flat Alexandre Guilmant
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox • Celtic Lament Noel Rawsthorne
    • Ann Little • Unter der Linden grune Sweelinck

    St. Mary Bedingfield

    We were welcomed by the organist Jean Waddell who has played at this church and two others for more than 50 years to play their Norman and Beard two manual organ. At the end of the session, we repaired to the Village Hall across the road where afternoon tea was served with an abundance of homemade cakes prepared by the ladies of the church for our enjoyment.

    Organ Specification

    • Pedal Key action Stop action Compass-low Compass-high Keys 1: Bourdon 16
    • Great Key action Stop action Compass-low C Compass-high g3 Keys 56 2: Wald Flute 4 ? 3: Flauto Traverso 8 ? 4: Open Diapason 8
    • Swell Key action Stop action Compass-low C Compass-high g3 Keys 56 Enclosed 5: Principal 4 6: Lieblich Gedact 8 7: Horn Diapason 8

    Members played

    • Tony Dunn • Prelude BWV 556 J S Bach
    • Gilbert Jackson • No. 1 for Eight short preludes and fugues BWV 553 J S Bach
    • Robert Waller • Mary at the foot of Jesus Quentin Thomas
    • Barry Palmer • Be Still My Soul an arrangement of Finlandia by Sibelius • All Glory Laud & Honor Melchior Teschner
    • Gillian Wildney • Aria Dr. Blow
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox • Canzona Second movement of Organ Sonata in C minor Percy Whitlock
    • Michael Bayley • Royal Windsor John Farman

    Saturday 5 March 2016

    The Thirtieth London Organ Day Southwark Cathedral German Masters

    This IAO event ably planned by the Artistic Director, Tom Bell and organised by the staff and volunteers of the IAO. The spirit of the day was inspired by the centenary of the death of Max Reger and we were to hear works by other German masters J S Bach, Brahms, Mendelssohn, Rheinberger, Schumann and Schmidt too. Tom said he had chosen Southwark Cathedral because of the wonderful TC Lewis organ of the cathedral and a German connection. Thomas Christopher Lewis (1833-1915), one of the leading organ builders of late 19th Century Britain was heavily influenced by the work of Heinrich Edmund Schulze (1824-1878) last of five generations of German organ builders.

    Our SOA members turned out in full strength with David Banister, Michaela Cottee, Martin Ellis, Andrew Garfath-Cox, Ann Little, Anthony Percival and Mike Pluck present. Peter Wright, Organist of the cathedral opened with Prelude in B minor BWV 544 and gave information about the organ and the fact that with no choir school, nevertheless his predecessors and he himself had kept the music of the cathedral at a high standard. He then played Introduction, Passacaglia and Fugue from Sonata No 8 of Rheinberger and concluded with Reger's Dankpsalm Op 145 No 2, a most impressive work. He reminded us that they aim to repair and restore this great instrument particularly wishing to update the console. This would allow more performing aids to be incorporated helping, especially on a day like this one, the setting up of combinations of stops more easily. He encouraged us to give any donation that might help towards this project.

    The day continued with a splendid recital by Henry Fairs: first, a delightful arrangement of JSB's Prelude and Fugue in B flat minor by Reger, next a very quiet reflective piece, Melodia by Reger, followed by the Allegro Maestro written in 1855 by JPE Hartmann, a Danish composer from his Sonata in G minor, then the Four Sketches of Schumann and finishing his excellent playing with the great work of Reger: Phantasie and Fuge über den Namen B-A-C-H.

    The afternoon performances were equally enjoyable with a recital by Tom Bell with a fully Brahms programme which included Nos. 2, 4, 5 and the very beautiful piece No. 10 from Elf Choralspiele Opus post.122 together with two Praeludium and Fugue, one in g-moll, the other in a-moll. Graham Barber gave a talk putting Reger in the context of the musical, cultural and political events occurring during Reger's short life with slides, excerpts of recorded music and also those which he played on the piano. This was followed by the work of Tom Daggett, an organist and educator who is developing most enthusiastically an outreach programme for St. Paul's Cathedral and who holds the Order of the British Empire Organ Outreach Fellowship. His aim is to reach thousands of children in schools who may have had no experience of seeing an organ or hearing the huge variety of music that an organ can play and getting them to sing so that they can become part of this cultural heritage and participate in an enjoyable group activity. The final recital of Reger, Franck, Schumann and Schmidt's Toccata in C-dur was played with consummate skill by Bernard Haas, now Professor of Organ at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich.

    Our splendid day immersed in the music of the German Masters and listening in particular to the great variety of styles that Reger used in his composition of organ music, which we learned was only a part of his expansive oeuvre, gave us new insights and reminded us that Reger's harmonic language is not solely just black ink on the manuscript. The next London Organ Day is on 4 March 2017 at The Dutch Church and the theme is Stylus Phantasticus with the music of Buxtehude, Bach, Sweelinck and Frescobaldi.

    Saturday 13 February 2016 2.30pm

    Desert Island Discs Interview of John Cooper by Juliette Adams at St. Mary at Stoke Church Hall, Ipswich IP2 8DA

    We are very delighted that we will have the opportunity to hear John Cooper FRCO give his thoughts on church music and related topics from his extensive wealth of experience. John will be interviewed by Juliette Adams in a format similar to Desert Island Discs and the afternoon will begin at 2.30pm in the church hall of St. Mary at Stoke, Belstead Road, Ipswich IP2 8DA. There will be refreshments and we ask that donations be made to cover our costs of the afternoon. Juliette would be grateful if you could phone her on 01473 226664 to let her know that you will be coming (for catering, etc.) John has recently recorded a CD to mark the 100th aniversary of Bishops, local organ builders and this will be on sale. This is not an occasion to be missed and we welcome you to it. Read more about John.

    This was a most interesting occasion and a very good turn out by members and guests. John Cooper with his wife Ute; our interviewer Juliette Adams, a member of Council; Geoff Cooley who had been John's assistant at St. Mary Le Tower; Stephen Hogger who dealt with playing the music John had chosen; Simon Pulham, organ builder from Bishops who brought along the CD of John playing the organ of St. Clement's Church, Ipswich in celebration of the 100th anniversary of that instrument which is maintained by Bishops; from St. Mary at Stoke, John and Brenda Barbrook; current members of Council, Andrew Garfath-Cox, Roger Pulham, Robert Waller, Peter Crompton, James Crowe with his wife, Fiona; Ann Little a former President; Philip Speirs, a former Treasurer with his wife Janet; Arthur and Pamela Jones; Barry Palmer; Gregory Frostick; June Molloy; Gillian Wildney.

    Saturday 30 January 2016 1pm - 7pm

    Bloomsbury Organ Day, at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, 235 Shaftesbury Avenue WC2H 8EP

    Philip Luke, a member of SOA encourages all members of SOA and friends to attend an afternoon of organists' delight. Admission is free until 6pm. This year's subject is METAMORPHOSES (partitas, passacaglias, variations...). With afternoon recitals, presentations, and displays, then at 5pm the famous Bloomsbury Buffet (£5) and concluding with the celebrity recital by John Scott Whiteley, Organist Emeritus of York Minster at 6pm (£5). One of the presentations will be given by our esteemed Treasurer and former President Roger Pulham.

    John Scott Whiteley, educated at Royal Holloway College, University of London and the Royal College of Music after which he was awarded scholarships to study with Maestro Fernando Germani in Siena and Professor Flor Peeters in Malines. He will be a familiar figure from his Bach recitals on TV wearing his dark overcoat and dark glasses!

    For those who do not know the organ, it is a fine-sounding 3-manual, 52 speaking stops, with a 32’ reed and tuba, a sensitive amalgamation of two Binns organs, which some SOA members have played during previous trips to London.

    We were welcomed by the organiser of the Bloomsbury Organ Day, Philip Luke, Organist of the church and his wife Carol who manned the admission desk for tickets for the recital and the splendid buffet tea. His inspiration for the day was that music is not a random succession of sounds, cobbled together with little thought, but a much more logical progression of ideas based often on just a few basic ideas and his challenge to the performers and presenters was to show the various processes by which a long and complex piece can be built up from a composer's or designer's initial ideas. By the end of the event we were in no doubt that this is the case and the talent of those who demonstrated these structures in beautiful music or design was second to none.

    The generosity of the church in allowing such an event was much appreciated by the large number of attendees at these lectures and recitals in the afternoon which concluded with the magnificent recital by John Scott Whiteley. All the performers had given considerable thought on how to present the theme of Metamorphosis and equally John's artfully chosen programme was no exception. He took as his first theme =Metamorphosis through sequential development= using earlier and later forms of the Prelude and Fugue in D major BWV 532 including his own reconstruction of the form of a Prelude which would have predated Bach's own elaborate one. His second theme was =Metamorphosis through sequential composition= Here we were brought the work of Philip Glass showing the power of repetition in musical development in his compositions Metamorphoses I, II and III. Already by this point in the recital we had been entertained and educated by a highly inspirational performance but we were now to be inducted even further with two mighty compositions which would illustrate his third theme =Metamorphosis of themes through transformation=. The first piece was Priere (Op.20) by Cesar Franck and then Franz Liszt's Fantasia and Fugue on Ad no, ad salutarum undam. John's wealth of knowledge shone in his introductions to each of these three themes of metamorphosis delivered with his characteristic good humour. Notwithstanding the full programme that he already played, the thrilled audience applauded with such pleasure that John gave us an encore of a piece by Saint-Saens.

    Highlights of the day were: the opening talk by Philip Norman introducing the theme of the day with very apposite excerpts to show how music is developed and metamorphoses; six students of the RCO Academy under the leadership of Ann Marsden Thomas who played masterfully; two further excellent recitals by Joshua Stephens playing Bach, Buxtehude and Widor and Richard Brasier playing Schumannm Mendelssohn and Mathias; the Hermes Experiment; and an excellent talk and slide presentation by Roger Pulham about organ cases through different historical periods to the present day.

    Saturday 23 January 2016 10.30am - 11.30am

    Recital at Museum Street Methodist Church, Ipswich (entrance through Black Horse Lane) Martin Ellis (Organ) and Dominic Joyce (Bass Baritone)


    Dominic is a former choral scholar of St Mary le Tower, Ipswich and both Martin and Dominic are members of SOA. Admission is free but there will be a retiring collection in aid of church funds. Tea and Coffee available from 10am.


    • Toccata in D minor 1912 Gaston Bélier 1863 - 1938
    • Two Chorale Preludes on melodies in the Silesian Lutheran Hymnbook 1912: Trio: Gottlob, es geht nunmehr zum Ende Sarabande: O Jesu Christ, mein Lebens Licht Sigfrid Karg-Elert 1877 - 1933
    • From Oedipus 1692 : Music for a while Henry Purcell 1659 - 1695
    • From Bible Songs Op.113 1910: A Song of Freedom (Psalm 126) Charles Villiers Stanford 1852 - 1924
    • Toccata and Fugue in D minor BVW 565 Johann Sebastian Bach 1685 - 1750
    • Ronde Française Op 37 1896 Léon Boëllmann 1862 - 1897
    • From South Pacific 1949: Some Enchanted Evening Richard Rodgers 1902 - 1979 & Oscar Hammerstein II 1895 - 1960
    • Sea Fever 1913 John Ireland 1879 - 1962
    • From Myrthen (Myrtles) Widmung (Dedication) Op. 25/1 1840 Robert Schumann 1810 - 1856
    • Chelsea Fayre 1913 Reginald Goss Custard 1877 - 1956
    • Pomp and Circumstance Military March No.4 Edward Elgar 1857 - 1934

    Saturday 9 January 2016 10.00am

    Visit to St. Mary's, Saffron Walden (plus a Hauptwerk demo) and the 1821 Henry Lincoln organ at Thaxted Parish Church

    Our hosts at St. Mary's Saffron Walden were Peter De Vile and Andrew Malcolm, Organist Emeritus. Peter had made the arrangements for us to play the four manual organ and supplied each of the group with a booklet describing the organs that had been installed in the church since 1451.

    A new organ built by TC Lewis & Co of Brixton was dedicated on a Tuesday evening in November 1885 with over a thousand people in the congregation which concluded with the organist playing Mendelssohn's Sonata No.3 and it was reported that 'loud were the praises...of the tone of the instrument, and the execution of the performer'. By 1910 with snow melting under the lead roof and dripping into the instrument costly repairs were essential and Norman and Beard of Norwich undertook the work with a detached console with pneumatic action. The vicar noted on discovery of the state of the old organ that 'it redounds greatly to the credit of the Organist that there are people in the congregation who say they cannot see or hear anything the matter with the organ'. In 1952, the organ console was moved to the rood screen still with pneumatic action!

    In 1971, the organ was rebuilt by Hill, Norman and Beard now with electric action and several new stops including the Trompeta Real placed above the south screen. A further major overhaul by David Wells of Liverpool in 1996-1997 was celebrated by Dr. Martin Neary, Organist and Master of the Choristers of Westminster Abbey. In 1997 with the addition of a fourth manual, three electronic stops were added and this phase of completion was marked by a recital by Prof. Ian Tracey, at the time Organist of Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, now Organist Titulaire.

    The instrument now has four manuals, with five keyboard divisions (Solo, Swell, Great, Bombarde and Choir and the organ has a very solid foundation with the Trompeta Real continuing down to the pedal organ at 16 foot pitch.

    On our arrival Andrew Malcolm gave a demonstration through excerpts from well known pieces listed on paper with the divisions of the organ that were being used. With this guide we were able to hear the huge variety of sound that is available from this instrument and later to see if we could match his splendid performance. Andrew then most kindly invited us to visit his home where we were able to play his beautifully constructed three stop tracker action two manual and pedal Skrabl organ in his music room with grand piano and also demonstrated the Hereford Cathedral sample set on his Hauptwerk organ.

    We reconvened in the afternoon at Thaxted Parish Church were we welcomed by two ladies of the church, Sybil King, an indefatigable fund raiser and Ann Pickhaven, secretary of the fund raising committee who spoke to us of the effort involved in the refurbishment by Goete and Gwynn of the 1821 Henry Lincoln organ to full working order. It is the earliest surviving English church organ which retains all its original parts, and looks, sounds and plays as it did originally. It is not in its original home, which was St John’s Chapel Bedford Row in London, but was moved to Thaxted by Holdich in 1858. It was thrilling to play an organ that had been played by Gustav Holst who had lived in Thaxted. His composition, The Planets Suite, made playing a rendering of his tune 'Thaxted', associated with the words 'I vow to thee my country' de rigeur. The three manual Lincoln organ with its short keyboard on the top manual and straight pedal board only down to F did justice to the power and beauty of this well known tune.

    At both churches, both magnificent architecturally with such contrasting instruments, the group had plenty of time to play a wide variety of music suited to each organ as below.

    Hosts at Saffron Walden Peter De Vile and Andrew Malcolm

    Opening by Andrew Malcolm Organist Emeritus with a demonstration of the organ with the following excerpts:

    • Vierne Berceuse Swell strings. Solo Flute, then Gt. flute
    • Drayton Pavane Swell flutes 8&4, Ped. 16, Solo Clarinet, then oboe
    • Campbell Canterbury Improvisations Soft 8 flues, Gt,Sw,Ch coupled
    • Couperin Chaconne Gt then Sw then Bombarde then Ch. choruses
    • CS Lang Tuba Tune Tromba (rpt. plus Bombarde Open) Gt 8,4,2
    • Karg-Elert Nun Danket Full Swell
    • Campbell Gaudeamus Solo Trompeta, then plus Sw plus full Gt
    • Peeters Ave Maris Stella Ends with full organ, minus Trompeta
    Members then performed:
    • Peter Tryon Fantasia & Fugue in G minor BWV 542 J S Bach
    • David Banister Romance sans Paroles Bonnet // Sortie Lefebure-Wely
    • Philip Speirs Reflection Daniel Bishop // Elegy Thalben-Ball
    • Roger Green Three Liturgical Preludes George Oldroyd // Sortie II Roger Green
    • Michaela Cottee St. Anne (40 Hymn Tune Preludes) CS Lang // Herzliebster Jesu, was hast du verbrochen Helmut Walcha
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox Aria Ian Tracey // Prelude on 'Darwall's 148th" Percy Whitlock// Sleigh Ride (arr. Thomas Trotter) Leroy Anderson
    • Michaela Cottee Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr Sweelinck // Jesu meine Freude Partita 5 Walther
    • Stuart Matheison Pavane (arr. Richard Lloyd) Ravel // Largo from Serse (arr. Noel Rawsthorne) Handel
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox Pomp and Circumstance March No.1 Elgar

    Afternoon in Thaxted Parish Church on the 1821 Lincoln organ with hosts Sybil King and Ann Pickhaven

    Members played:
    • Peter Tryon Trumpet Tune in D major David Johnson // Dansyre Tylman Susato
    • Roger Green The Heavens Declare Benedetto Marcello
    • David Banister Presto Pescetti// Hornpipe Henry Purcell // Adagio GF Handel
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox 'Thaxted' from Planets Suite Gustav Holst // Aria Flor Peeters
    • Philip Speirs Prelude CS Lang
    • Michaela Cottee Trumpet Voluntary John Travers // Voluntary in D minor William Boyce
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox 'Hyfrodol' Henry Coleman // Liebster Jesu, Wir sind hier BWV 731 JS Bach
    • Stuart Matheison Nocturne from Midsummer Night's Dream Felix Mendelssohn // March from Scipio GF Handel // Gymnopaedie Eric Satie

    Saturday 14 November 2015 2.00pm

    'What shall we play?'

    Museum Street Methodist Church Ipswich

    A time to share ideas about the vast repertoire of Preludes based on Hymn Tunes. Bring with you compositions within this genre. Why not bring another organist who is currently not a member? The meeting will be held around the console which is up on the balcony - there is a Stannah lift for those who need it.

    Why not make a day of it? In the morning at Museum Street too,

    Martin Ellis is playing another popular recital at 10.30am.

    We hope to meet for lunch in the same restaurant as we did for the AGM in May: @twenty5. A good time to share fellowship! The day will end with Tea and Cake at 4.00pm. Martin's recital PROGRAMME:
    • Grand Choeur (alla Handel) in D Op.18 No.1 1866 Alexandre Guilmant (1837 – 1911)
    • From Six Hymn Tune Preludes 1945: Prelude on ‘Werde Munter’ Percy Whitlock (1903 – 1946)
    • From Dix Pieces 1892: Scherzo in E Eugène Gigout (1844 – 1925)
    • Fantasia and Fugue in G published 1913 C Hubert H Parry (1848 – 1918)
    • From Orgelbüchlein: O Mensch, bewein’ dein’ Sunde gross BWV 622 Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750)
    • From Three New Impressions Op.142 1930: Valse mignonne Sigfrid Karg-Elert (1877 - 1933)
    • Prelude on the Hymn Tune Durness(Douglas Fox) 1977 Barry Ferguson (born 1942)
    • From Suite Op.70 1959 Toccata Paul Creston (1906 - 1985)

    Martin Ellis after his morning recital and his wife, Miriam, who had been page turner for her husband joined Michaela Cottee and Dave Kinnersley, and the President, Andrew Garfath-Cox, for a convivial lunch in the ancient beamed upper room of the restaurant @twenty5.

    The afternoon was an opportunity to learn in a well attended session of the very considerable repertoire based on well known hymn tunes available to organists for the different seasons and festivals of the church's year. We listened attentively to a variety of pieces of varying levels of difficulty noting that simple pieces can truly be very effective in setting a tone to the theme of a service. It was an opportunity to compare styles of composition using the same hymn tune: 'Veni, veni Emmanuel' in an arrangement by Rebecca Te Velde with 'O come, O Come Emmanuel' by Gordon Young; 'Aberystwyth' by Healey Willan with 'Aberystwyth' by C Hylton Stewart.

    We also learned new insights from discussion about some less well known composers such as William Wordsworth, who had been a teacher at Brentwood School, the very prolific output of two American composers Gordon Young, whose 'Prelude in Classic Style' is part of standard repertoire made know to British audiences by the late loved Carlo Curley and of Searle Wright. Our member, Roger Green, played two of his own pieces which were very well received with a positive expression of desire by those listening that he should publish them. He also reminded us that this collection might go alongside a book he is writing on 'Relationships: Organists and Vicars' where he appealed for evidence from the members present.

    This enjoyable meeting was opened by the generous welcome of John Werne, organist of the church for the past 20 years and came about by a suggestion of Juliette Adams and organised by Martin Ellis and Miriam, who very kindly at the end of the two hour session provided the tea and cakes that concluded a very joyful afternoon of music and informative, amusing conversation.

    • John Werne Prelude on 'Bread of Life' Gordon Young
    • Roger Green 'Little Cornard' on the tune Hills of the North Rejoice Roger Green; 'Sine Domine' on Vaughan Williams tune for For all the Saints Roger Green
    • Robert Waller Choral Prelude: Caswall Peter Hurford
    • Michaela Cottee Veni, Veni Emmanuel Arr. Rebecca Te Velde 'O come, O come Emmanuel' Gordon Young
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox 'This Endrys Night' George Oldroyd
    • Martin Ellis Brother James' Air Searle Wright; 'Saffron Walden' William Wordsworth
    • Juliette Adams 'Melcombe' Healey Willan 'Aberystwyth' Healey Willan
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox 'Aberystwyth' C. Hylton Stewart; 'St. Peter' C Hylton Stewart
    • Barry Palmer 'Great is thy Faithfulness' Arr. Marilyn Arison; 'It came upon a midnight clear' Noel Rawsthorne
    • Other members present were: Paul Austen; Graham Eldridge; Dave Kinnersley; and a member of the church: Melanie Phillips

    Saturday 14 November 2015 St Andrew's Church, Rushmere St Andrew, Ipswich 7.30 pm

    This is another event that members might like to attend: Entitled 'A Voyage Round Our Organ', it will be an audiovisual exploration of the organ at Rushmere hosted by Mike Osborne, our organ builder, who will guide us (with the aid of a video camera) through some of the mysteries of its inner workings. Alan Loader (Organist and Director of Music), a member of SOA, will provide some appropriate musical illustrations. A modest admission charge of £5 to cover the cost of heating and refreshments, (wine and cheese in the Church Hall), with any profits going to the Organ Fund. The Voyage should last about an hour.

    Saturday 24th October 2015 at 3pm Opening Recital by Ian Tracey,Organist Titulaire Liverpool Cathedral to Eye Church

    Ian Tracey will be gving the first performance on the newly installed J. J. Binns organ built in the north of England in 1888 and now transferred to Eye. This majestic instrument will bring to this Suffolk parish one of this country’s finest examples of Victorian organ building. Thanks to their supporters and the skills of the organ builders, E. J. Johnson & Son (Cambridge), their dream is about to be realised! Eye Church will be producing a truly exceptional quality of organ music before this summer is out, to attract, encourage and stimulate organists from near and far. Let's turn out as SOA supporters to this event!

    To a very large and appreciative audience including members of SOA, Professor Ian Tracey demonstrated the majestic Binns organ in celebration of its installation from its original home in Leeds with a splendid programme where he exhibited the range of tonal colours of this 3 manual organ with Tuba, Cymbelstern and 32 Contra Posaune. His highly imaginative choice of recital programme was injected too with his amusing anecdotes and his infectious humour. As an encore Ian played Widor's Toccata with panache and from memory. A truly brilliant world-class organist.

    • Overture to 'The Occasional Oratorio' Handel arranged by W T Best
    • Adagio in G Thomaso Albinoni
    • Chaconne in D J S Bach in Goss-Custard arrangment
    • Three Musical Clocks Haydn
    • Capriol Suite Peter Warlock
    • Suite Gothique (Choral, Menuetto, Prière, Toccata) Léon Böellman
    • Elegy (Organ Symphony) Percy Whitlock
    • Simple Gifts (Appalachian Melody) arranged Virgil Fox
    • From 'Nutcracker Suite' Danse de la Fée-Dragée, Danse Arabe, Danse des Mirlitons Tchaikovsky arr. Tracey
    • Lied to the Sun (Lied Symphony, Op. 66) Flor Peeters

    Thursday 15 – Saturday 17 October 2015 SOA Autumn visit to North West of England: Liverpool Metropolitan, Chester, and Blackburn Cathedrals and Christ Church, Port Sunlight

    Peter Crompton has arranged a superb visit for us to the North West. We shall play four of the most outstanding instruments in the British Isles: Metropolitan Cathedral, Blackburn, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral and Chester Cathedral and as a bonus we shall visit the restored Father Willis organ at Port Sunlight. And on the Saturday we shall attend Choral Evensong at 3pm which will be followed by an anniversary recital by Ian Tracey at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral.

    Certainly not an occasion to be missed. Overnight accommodation will be in a Premier Inn. Travel: car or shared car.

    Four 4 manual instruments played at Blackburn Cathedral, Liverpool Metropolitan, Chester and Port Sunlight. A truly magnificent event organised by Peter Crompton and Roger Pulham. We particularly thank the Organists for their splendid hospitality and inspiring playing: Samuel Hudson (Blackburn Catherdal), Richard Lea (Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral), Philip Rushforth (Chester Cathedral) and David Speechley (Port Sunlight URC Church). The event concluded with the Anniversary Recital at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral by Ian Tracey preceded by Choral Evensong, the third of our visit, for which the anthem was Brahms 'How lovely are Thy dwellings fair' beautifully sung by the very large choir and accompanied by Ian Tracey.

    The Organs:

    • Blackburn Cathedral (4 manual Walker)
    • Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral (4 manual Walker)
    • Chester Cathedral (4 manual Rushworth & Dreaper)
    • Christ Church, Port Sunlight (4 manual Father Willis)
    • Liverpool Anglican Cathedral (5 manual Willis)

    Sunday 11 October 2015 All Saints, Newmarket Recital 4.00pm

    Anne Page will be presenting an organ recital on the refurbished Binns of Leeds organ. This is a charity event in aid of St Nicholas Hospice, Bury St Edmunds.

    Sunday 27 September 2015 Music at Rushmere > Sunday Afternoon Concerts

    Andrew Cantrill, Organist of Royal Hospital School, played at St. Andrew's Rushmere for a recital in memory of Phyllis Dawson, precedessor for over half century to Alan Loader who is the organist at the church and organiser of this series of concerts. Andrew played a fine programme. The first three pieces were by Soler, Cabanilles and JS Bach. The next three were by American composers David Johnson, Gerre Hancock and Seth Bingham. The recital concluded with Allegro Maestoso (the first movement of Edward Elgar's Sonata in G), Edward Bairstow's Evening Song and Garth Edmundson's Toccata-Prelude 'Vom Himmel hoch'. Exactly one hour's glorious listening to a very fine player with an appreciative audience.

    Wednesday 8 July 2015 All Saint's Church, Newmarket 12pm

    In May, an email from Brian Thatcher of All Saints asked whether their organ could be played by any members of the Association as they were considering whether the space it was occupying might be put to a different use and had understood that to put it into good order would be very expensive. Andrew Garfath-Cox made a preliminary visit to discover a very sound James Binns of Leeds 1908 organ. Yesterday, Philip Speirs and Andrew played the following programme to a very appreciative audience who were thrilled to hear their instrument being performed upon. Peter De Vile had tuned the organ and it was a pleasure to play.

    • Fanfare Francis Jackson (1917-) [PLS]
    • Sicilienne Maria Theresa von Paradis (1759-1824) [AHGC]
    • Andante in D Alfred Hollins (1865-1942) [AHGC]
    • Andante in F Louis Lefébure-Wely (1817-1869) [PLS]
    • Aria Noel Rawsthorne (1929- )[PLS]
    • Fanfare William Mathias (1934-1992) [AHGC]
    • Reverie Harvey Grace (1874-1944) [AHGC]
    • A Trumpet Minuet Alfred Hollins (1865-1942) [AHGC]
    • The Lord's My Shepherd Schubert arr. William Lloyd Webber (1914-1982) [PLS]
    • Toccata in D minor BWV 565 J S Bach (1685-1750) [PLS]
    • Introduction and March William Walton (1902-1983) [AHGC]

    Saturday 23 May 2015 Unitarian Meeting House, Friar's Street, Ipswich

    Robert Waller writes:

    On the morning of the AGM day, a number of SOA members were able to try out the organ at the Unitarian Meeting house.

    David Newton was fortunate as he was the first to arrive and spent over an hour exploring the organ stops.

    Ann Little was next at the console and played the beautiful ‘Aria’ by Noel Rawsthorne followed by Bach’s ‘Christ lag in totesbanden’ ending with no doubt one of her favourite composers Sweelinck ‘Unter der Linden grüne’.

    Geoffrey Boyle was next chose to play several pieces by the Spanish composer Antonio de Cabezón ‘Tiento du premier ton’, ‘Dic Nobis, Maria’ and ‘Veni Creator’. He ended with a lovely chorale by Flor Peeters ‘Come, Holy Ghost’.

    Our President, Andrew, followed with a delightful piece by Arne, ‘A Maggot’ followed by a piece by Ralph Vaughan-Williams ‘Rhosymedre’.

    Roger Green delighted us with some of his own compositions, one of which was called ‘Miscordia’.

    Juliette Adams was last to play and played a slow movement from one of Bach’s trio sonatas.

    As usual time had run out and we all went on to the restaurant ‘@twenty25’

    Our grateful thanks to Robert for letting us have this opportunity to play this organ.

    Saturday 18 April 2015 Visit to All Saints, Friern Barnet; St. Dominic's Priory, Haverstock Hill; All Hallows, Gospel Oak

    Fifteen SOA members boarded a coach for a splendid day out organised by Roger Pulham to listen to and play three organs: a 2-manual, a 3-manual and a 4-manual in North London on Saturday 18 April 2015. With excellent performances of their respective instruments by our hosts David Patrick (All Saints), Martin Stacey (St. Dominic's), and Martin Kemp (All Hallows). Each of these organists gave us a most generous welcome.

    ORGAN VISIT to LONDON 18 April 2015

    All Saints Friern Barnet

    Our host, David Patrick, played:

    • Passacaglia John E. West
    • Prelude on 'St. Mary' Charles Wood
    • Toccata Brevis David E Gawthrop
    • Ann Little Under der Linden Grüne Sweelinck (1562-1621)
    • Tony Dunn Dialogue between Trompettes, Clairon and Tierces of the Grand Clavier and the Bourdon with the Larigot of the Positif Couperin (1668-1733)
    • Martin Ellis Prelude and Fugue in C minor BWV 546 J S Bach (1685-1750)
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox Sicilienne (arr. Vierne) J S Bach (1685-1750)
    • Tony Dunn In Dir ist Freude J S Bach (1685-1750)
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox Recessional: St. Theodulph Kenneth Gange (1939- )
    • Michael Spencer Praeludium and Fugue in e-moll Nicholaus Bruhns (1665-1697)
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox Fanfare William Mathias (1934-1992)

    St Dominic's Priory, Haverstock Hill

    Our host the organist, Martin Stacey, played:

    • Praeludium and Fugue in G major BWV 541 J S Bach
    • Folk Tune Percy Whitlock
    • Symphony No. 6 1st movement Charles-Marie Widor
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox Choral Song and Fugue S S Wesley (1810-1876)
    • Martin Ellis Adagio in Eb Frank Bridge (1879-1941)
    • Michael Spencer Psalm Prelude No 3 Set One Herbert Howells (1892-1983)
    • Tony Dunn Herzlich thut mich verlangen J S Bach (1685-1750) Nun danket alle Gott Sigfrid Karg-Elert (1877-1933)
    • Ann Little Thema Met Variaties Hendrik Andriessen (1892-1981)

    All Hallows, Gospel Oak

    Our host the organist, Martin Kemp, played an Improvisation

    • Martin Ellis Finale in Bflat William Wolstenholme (1865-1931)
    • Stephen Hogger An improvisation
    • Tony Dunn Elegy George Thalben-Ball (1896-1987)
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox Choral No 3 César Franck (1822-1890)

    Members attending:

    Juliette Adams;Brian Bartlett; Michaela Cottee;Tony Dunn;Andrew Garfath-Cox;Graham Eldridge;Martin Ellis;Stephen Hogger; Dave Kynnersley; Ann Little;Tony Percival; Roger Pulham;Michael Spencer; Anne Smith; Robert Smith;

    Andrew Garfath-Cox

    20 April 2015

    Saturday 7 March 2015 The London Organ Day

    A good gathering of SOA members met at Central Hall Westminster for a splendid day of music organised by the Artistic Director, Tom Bell.

    Saturday 15 November 2014 Visit to Long Melford, Cavendish and Foxearth.

    We met at 10.00am for an informal social gathering in the Bizzy Beans coffee shop of the Cherry Lane garden centre opposite the entrance to Kentwell Hall. At a very well attended outing, organised superbly by Roger Pulham, a new member, Martin Ellis, with his wife, Miriam joined us. Other members attending were: Michael Bayley, Michaela Cottee with Dave Kynnersley, Tony Dunn, Andrew Garfath-Cox, Roger Green, Wolfgang Hauser, Anne Little, Barry Palmer, Roger Pulham, Bob and Anne Smith, Philip Speirs, Robert Waller, and Gillian Wildney.

    At Long Melford, besides the three manual Walker organ, we were invited to play the seven stop organ in the Lady Chapel.

    At Cavendish, we heard another astounding selection of music from English composers, Whitlock, Popplewell and Nigel Ogden's Penguin's Playtime, over to the USA for Paul Manz's Aria, and from Europe, Sweelinck, Reger, Bach and Vierne and then down under for June Nixon.

    At St. Peter and St. Paul, Foxearth, the beauty of the decorated panels on the organ matched perfectly the glorious sound from the historic Father Willis organ reverberating from the chancel decorated with exquisite wall paintings and striking stained glass. This visit to West Suffolk in threatening wintry weather was a most convivial event and the opportunity to play some fine instruments inspired the fine playing of a very broad range of repertoire.

    Andrew Garfath-Cox

    Music played at Long Melford:

    • Tony Dunn Prelude BWV 555 J S Bach
    • Roger Green Liturgical Preludes George Oldroyd
    • Robert Waller Flourish for an Occasion Noel Rawsthorne
    • Wolfgang Hauser Festive Trumpet Tune David German
    • Michaela Cottee Aria Brian Solomons
    • Gillian Wildney Aria Andrew Carter
    • Michael Bayley Etude Chopin Bye bye blues/ Round her neck she wore a yellow ribbon
    • Ann Little Hymn: Hills of the North improvisation
    • Martin Ellis Fantasia in G major BWV 572 J S Bach
    • Barry Palmer Prelude in Classic Style Gordon Young
    • Philip Speirs Voluntary in E minor John Stanley Andante in F Louis Lefébure-Wely
    • Roger Pulham Voluntary John Stanley
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox Spitfire Prelude William Walton

    Music played at Cavendish:

    • Michaela Cottee Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr Variation 1 Sweelinck Praeludium No.1 Cathedral Suite Gordon Young
    • Prelude No.5 24 Pièce en style libre Louis Vierne
    • Tony Dunn
    • Roger Green Prelude William Lloyd Webber
    • Gillian Wildney Aria Noel Rawsthorne
    • Wolfgang Hauser Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ J S Bach
    • Ann Little Hymn: O come, o Come Emmanuel (improvisation)
    • Bob Smith Bunessan Michael Higgins
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox Elegy Richard Popplewell Aria Paul Manz
    • Barry Palmer Penguin's Playtime Nigel Ogden
    • Robert Waller Emily June Nixon
    • Martin Ellis Werde Munter Percy Whitlock
    • Michael Bayley Brave Little Boys March Ezra Rea
    • Wolfgang Hauser Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott Reger

    Music played at Foxearth:

    • Tony Dunn Prelude in G major BWV 558 J S Bach
    • Wolfgang Hauser Allegro Voluntary XIII Maurice Green
    • Robert Waller Prelude on a Phyrigian Mode Thomas Tallis
    • Roger Green Little Cornard Roger Green
    • Michaela Cottee Voluntary in D minor No 7 Voluntaries for Organ and Harpsichord William Boyce
    • Ann Little Hymn: Come thou long expected Jesus
    • Gillian Wildney Liebster Jesu wir sind hier BWV 731 J S Bach
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox Arrival of the Queen of Sheba Handel
    • Michael Bayley The Druid's Prayer Gordon Davson
    • Martin Ellis Folk Tune Percy Whitlock
    • Barry Palmer Tuba Tune C S Lang
    • Roger Pulham Finale from Sonata No 6 Mendelssohn
    • Andrew Garfath-Cox Paean from 'Five short pieces' Percy W Whitlock